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Lights Up! Teen Theatre Conservatory

Training. Performance. Tribe.

Amy Love, Artistic Director

I love the sacred space that is created between actor and audience, the live immediacy of spectators breathing the same air as the brave souls on stage, responding to each other. On opening night when I watch the transformation as the company begins to listen to the audience, pauses the action while a laugh rolls through the house, or holds a pose just long enough for the applause to peak–that’s a thrill.  Listening and responding is the bedrock of an acting practice and is at the core of our training program. Being in the moment, being responsive to the people around you, and finding joy in shared emotion are experiences that we all need and is what creates unforgettable moments onstage. In asking young actors to leap and stretch into areas that are challenging, I start with trust earned by preserving and defending the sacred space for each actor, singer, and dancer, allowing an unfolding into the safety of a supportive company of friends as they explore new skills and push boundaries together.  

 We are a tribe. Want in?

Lights Up! Theatre Company’s mission is to provide professional training and performance experience in a nurturing environment. We meet actors where they are in their growth and discovery about themselves, while challenging them with professional acting, singing and dance training. We offer a multitude of classes to enrich actors’ experience with different performance disciplines, while producing two fully staged musicals and a straight play per season.

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Performance Training

Our team of theater professionals works with actors, singers and dancers to teach skills they’ll need for the performance and beyond. If a show calls for specialty skills, we’ll teach them. Our approach incorporates teaching with rehearsal, so actors get the skills they need to feel confident on stage, and in the wider world. It takes more time, dedication, and coordination, but it’s so worth it!

Conservatory Training

An alternative to our more intensive performance experience is our conservatory program, which incorporates once or twice a week classes with a small showcase at their culmination. Classes include vocal training, improv, dance, acting, stage combat, and more. Ages 11 and up or younger by permission.

What does it mean to be a company member?

For members

Company membership is the heart and soul of Lights Up! Theatre Company.  We value the contribution of every member of our company and expect that as you grow in skill and confidence, that you’ll  mentor newer members, be ambassadors of our values of inclusivity and radical support, and honor being a part of a greater whole.  

Trust is essential as you begin to explore the inevitable risk and vulnerability that comes with putting yourself out there.  We know that these can be life-changing moments.  We carefully architect the rehearsal process to create a safe space, and from there we encourage you to take risks.  From this foundation, we give you the frameworks of professional training disciplines that you  will encounter as you continue your acting journey as an adult. 

When you accept company membership, we ask that you sign an agreement with us.  Your commitment matters to us and to your own experience with us.  We promise to treat you and your experience with us with respect, dedication, loyalty, and heart–and we ask that you do the same.  Here’s what we mean:

Give 100% of yourself at every rehearsal (or as close as you can get!)

Attend every rehearsal.  We will give you an opportunity to let us know about conflicts in advance, but once these have been agreed to, you will stick with the rehearsal schedule.  It has been meticulously designed to maximize everyone’s time, and if you are missing, the whole company misses out on that rehearsal.  

Be on time.  We start rehearsals ON TIME.  This is a skill you’ll need in life no matter what you do, and the world of theater is no exception.  Rehearsals are conducted in a professional manner, and timeliness is a given in a professional environment.  The rehearsal space is open 30 minutes before rehearsal begins.  You may arrive at any time during this period so that you’ll be ready to start on time. 

Be willing to try new things. You may be cast in a role that you didn’t expect or be asked to try a skill that you have no experience with.  Go with it! 

If you have any concerns, questions, or feedback, please come to us to talk about it. We love to talk to you and want to hear all about it.  We will listen, respect what you have to say, and do our best to resolve any issues that come up in way that works well for everyone involved. 

For families

Family involvement is both a requirement and an opportunity with Lights Up! While we have professional staff for all training and production elements, parent volunteers are critical to our success. The support allows us to keep tuition down, it creates a cohesive community, and we have a lot of fun making Lights Up! a valuable experience for everyone! 

Family Volunteer Hours. Lights Up! Requests that each family dedicate a small number of volunteer hours to support a wide range of projects such as assisting set & costume designers, working concessions, selling advertising, distributing promotional materials, assisting backstage, sewing costumes, and many more. Volunteering for Lights Up! Is fun, rewarding and enriching!

Paid Tuition. Tuition is due in full at the beginning of each semester. We believe that every actor who is invited to be in the company should have the opportunity to do so regardless of their ability to meet the financial obligations. We offer scholarships and payment plans based on individual needs. 

Scholarship. Please contact us at [email protected] to inquire about the scholarship application and process.

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