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We’re a performance conservatory that provides professional training, personal growth, and a like-minded tribe for teen actors aged 12-18.

From the Director

Like all of you, our company is doing what we can to stay connected during these weeks of shelter in place, through zoom calls, silly online improv games and watch parties. We feel so lucky—and we’re incredibly grateful that we were able to produce our spectacular Spring musical,  The Music Man, at the Marjorie Luke Theater in early March, just days before the shelter in place order was given.  

We were thrilled by the sight of some of the biggest audiences we’ve had clapping to the 76 Trombones Parade as it made its way up and down the aisles of the beautiful Marjorie Luke theater! We want to thank you, our friends and supporters for making that show such a success and for being a vital part of our Lights Up! community.  

So, what’s next for Lights Up!? We were in an expansive moment in early March, with plans to expand our program to include specialized opportunities for high school aged actors as well as younger thespians. We’re still on that trajectory; drafting plans “A, B, and C” to be prepared with options as we all learn more about how things will begin to re-open. We’ll update you as soon as possible with exciting plans for our upcoming 20-21 season’s shows and programs. Until then, we are accepting online applications for 20-21, so reach out and join us!

For this summer, we’ll release August camp dates and audition info as soon as we know a little more about safety protocols.

Thank you all and…on with the show!

Amy Love
Artistic Director
Lights Up! Theatre Company

What we believe in

Trust comes first. Add a (very) high bar, deep respect, and creative passion. That's how professional actors—and great humans—come to be.

Find Your Light

Lights Up! Theatre Company is a haven for Santa Barbara teens to learn, stretch, trust, and go deeper than they’d gone before, all while having a blast. We are a company of actors who support one another as we each find our special light.

We present a professionally produced straight play in the fall and a fully staged musical in the spring. We rehearse during the school year as a company to hone our craft, develop deep lifelong connections, and explore who we are as actors and people. We are a tribe. Want in?


How We Work

Company members can choose between an acting intensive program that culminates in a straight play performance at the Center Stage Theater in December, a musical program that leads to our spring Musical in March at the Marjorie Luke Theatre, or a combined program which gives them the best chance to develop their skills across all disciplines. We work hard, and we play just as fiercely. Expect lots of focus and as much laughter. Guest artist workshops, field trips, and a thrilling student-directed showcase featuring favorite broadway songs and scenes round out our curriculum. Sound exciting? The first step is to schedule a friendly, low-stress audition!


Big Fish / Majorie Luke Theatre / April 24-27, 2019 / Inaugural Musical Production!!!

“An astoundingly good production of a very fun show. The huge cast seemed well rehearsed and certainly enthusiastic, the big production numbers were full of fabulous set pieces and terrific dance sequences, and the costumes were worth the price of admission alone.” ~Montecito Journal

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