This will be an exciting, bold year for all of us.  We are embarking on a new voyage that will feed souls, grow skills, and create community.  You are a special group, one who can always claim the title of “Inaugural Company.”

 I was trained in the classic theatrical tradition that holds what we do as not just thrilling for us, but as a service to others.  We take pride in our work.  We know that what we do inspires, brings tears, gets belly laughs, and makes all the “have-to’s” in life fade for just a little while. It has the power to transform lives.  

 I hope to instill in our company members that same pride, reverence, and sense of magic that compels actors on Broadway never to be seen outside the theatre with their stage make up on.  There is a certain Shakespeare play whose name will never be uttered casually inside our theatre.  Our Ghostlight will be left burning to ward away the spirits of long gone mischievous theater folk.  We’ll take our work seriously, but not be too serious about it!  After all, our ability to lift the spirits of others relies on our genuine joy in what we do – and we plan on having a great time doing this!

You are all members of a theater company, and that means you will be expected to work as a group, to help out where needed, whether it be making props or moving chairs; and to willingly step into whatever role is asked of you.  A company is not a one-time experience; it’s a community that grows together and supports one another. In return you will be given every opportunity to explore your talents and to learn new ones, and to make great leaps and bounds with the safety net of professional guidance and your fellow company members to catch you. 

Amy Love
Executive Director